​Graffiti Removal

graffiti art on walls

There is a blight on our streets and it is not something that is alive. No, we are not talking about the murky, low London streets in the time of the plague and the infested, red-eyed rats that scuttle into diseased corners to wait for dryer weather. We are not talking about the litter that middle-America likes to leave abandoned and flailing in the wind near trash cans. We are talking about so-called street art, the flashes and bubbles of color that sometimes appear on the walls in neighborhoods, denoting inane tags and nicknames that will be forgotten after a few months.
Art Snobs
But please do not think that we are art snobs. No, sir! It is quite the opposite. We respect graffiti art as a form of expression more so because it is a people’s art. However, art needs to be legal, respectful of private property and tasteful. Therefore, when it isn’t the whole medium is given a bad name. We are on a mission to help curtail the rogue sprayers. You will never see us cleaning off a great piece of art in a lawful location with a proper commission and a recognisable benefit to society. But, if there is a piece of work that needs wiping out because it betrays any of the points mentioned above, then sure, we will be the ones to do it.
Our attitude on these matters all stems from our community attitude. We are very much a part of the local environment that we work in. In fact, it is something that gives us motivation and it is built into the ethos of the company. Therefore, we are going to be there for all of the good folks in the community if they are unfortunately affected by this kind of renegade activity. So, if you live in the community and you are worried about someday finding out about this kind of thing appearing near you, save our number now, you will have a friend to call upon at the right time.
How It Works
There is a reason why you need to contact someone like us in order to get graffiti properly removed. It can’t really be done with a sponge and a cloth. There are a number or reasons for this but instead of running through them, we will just tell you what we can do. We use a media solution with some small hard materials mixed in. Then, we dilute this down to its optimum consistency and we spray it on the surface. It has a friction to it and will remove unwanted materials but it is designed in such a way, with such a power, that it will not damage the original surface.
Proper Clean Up
Once we have finished with a service like this, we will be able to give you a proper clean up job. There won’t be any remnants and it won’t feel like we have ever been there before. Call today!

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