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We are very happy to be able to welcome you to the AXE Pressure Washing of Port Orange company. Here, you are lucky to have come across a contractor who is every bit the professional organisation that you need them to be, whenever you need them to be! We are the guys and gals to help, no matter the scale of the problem, the requirements of the job and the time scale that we are faced with. So, have a read through this website here and get in touch whenever!

What are we all about? Family, professionalism, community and consistency. We are about family because at the end of the day, that is what matters, professionalism because it is tight in to our sense of self, community because that is who we exist to serve and finally consistency – because every contractor can deliver a good job every now and then, only the best ones are able to deliver it consistently despite all the ups and downs of business. We are one of those companies.
We have split the services that we offer into six very helpful service pages that we hope will give you all of the information you need about the jobs that we do. Here, on this website, you are free to visit any one of these pages and to make up your mind whether or not a service is for you based on the information that we can give you. Have a read of the pages below. 

Port Orange Pressure Washing

Residential Pressure Washing

We love doing residential pressure washing jobs because they are all about something that is very close to our hearts. We are all homeowners believe it or not and therefore we understand that it can sometimes be a little bit confusing to allow a contractor into your home, difficult even. That is why, for every job we do, we imagine it is one of our homes we are working on – great idea right!

Commercial Pressure Washing

Commercial pressure washing companies sometimes find it a bit difficult to trust independent contractors. This is nothing personal, we feel it too when we hire contractors for ourselves. However, the reason is that they are not always equipped to be able to handle the job you put in front of them. We are always ready and we will be ready for years and years to come in the future. So, if you are a commercial company and you need a hand with a pressure washing job, you know who to call. We are here for you all year round and we look forward to a great business relationship. 

Construction Sites

When working on construction sites, it is important that you are only working with companies who have the experience and the expertise to be able to handle themselves properly. We are a company like this. We have worked on construction sites many times in the past and we are happy to say that we are currently ready for more jobs like this, have a read through today!

Sidewalks & Storefronts

Sidewalks and storefronts are what constitutes to stimuli for impression-making when it comes to your town or your business. When you have new people roll through, or worse yet, stroll through, they might not stick around to work with the local economy unless they get a good impression of the state of affairs. We are there to help make sure you are making that impression. It is our honor to help the community in this way. 

Building Maintenance

Buildings get old. It is a sad fact of life but it is a fact nonetheless. Unfortunately, we are not always able to get a building back to its original state but we will give it a good go. What is even better is if we can get in there earlier and perform some great maintenance work on the building. Think of it like makeup, a hair transplant or a tummy tuck – the work we do has great results.

Graffiti Removal

Please do not think that we are art snobs here. We specialize instead in graffiti removal. But only that which is illegal. We appreciate a good bit of street art just as much as the next man, however we do realise that sometimes it is just not where it is meant to be. In these cases, you need a contractor who is able to come in and get a great job done. We believe we are that contractor. Visit this service page to find out why.

“Pressure washing and commercial pressure washer(s) are great but only if the operator knows what they are doing. This pressure washing business is more like a pressure washing service. They do deck cleaning and shopping centers, parking lots and pools, patios, patio furniture, mobile homes and even boats!” – Pete Wash.

“Fantastic, a pressure washing service Port Orange needs! Pressure wash Port Orange has been a sticky industry. Now this contractor will change all that. Port Orange Pressure washing is in a healthy state again.” – Rosalia

“Last year, we got a pressure washer (Port Orange) and use it to clean gas stations, fences, driveways, bank drive thru’s and convenience stores. However, the business is easier said than done. Our equipment was not good enough. However commercial pressure washing and commercial pressure cleaning in Port Orange has gotten a lot better. Though our pressure washing business failed, this lot wont.” – PRES WASH inc.

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​It is very easy for you to get in touch with us. Firstly, this is because all of our contact details can be found right here on this website. Secondly, it is because the details we are giving you actually work. They are quick and efficient. When you contact us, you won’t find yourself on hold or in a queue, you will just get fast, professional advice from those who are in the know. We won’t make you jump through any hoops either. The only thing you will get is the response you need.